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We accept files from:
Corel Draw
8 thru 15, MS word 97 - 2007
Black & White Bitmap Logos in .pcx, .tif, ( .jpg for photos only ), at 600 dpi resolution.
NOTICE: Do not forget to embed your fonts when sending files with text!!

General Printing Work Applications, Business Envelopes, Invoices, Business Cards, Tags and many other items.
Raffle - Drawing
and Admission
Raffle Tickets, Drawing Tickets, Fund Raising Tickets, Raffle Calendars, Registration Forms
Calendars, desk note pads and other good stuff.

Custom printed forms for all your business and personal needs. We print envelopes, raffle tickets,
admittance tickets, drawing tickets, raffle tickets, invoices, tithe envelopes and auto dealer forms.

Many of our stock forms can be customized with your company or personal name. We can also
reproduce most any form you currently use.

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